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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mattie May's Merry Musings - Halloween Addition

We had a great day today, Halloween. We ran errands all morning, had lunch, carved pumpkins, and went Trunk or Treating (seems to be the going thing these days), handed out candy to trick or treaters, had a bath and snack and went to bed. Mattie May was a trooper all day. All we had to do was to reminder her if she acted nice she would get to get all dressed up and shamelessly go trunk to trunk asking people for free candy! She also let me off easy on the costume this year. She wanted to be a pink princess and had all she needed to dress up in her dress up trunk, so no sewing for me.

After we went to visit Granny, so she could see Mattie May in her costume, we headed over to trunk or treat. It was a lot of fun and met up with some friends of ours. Then we went home so she could go visit our neighbors then we handed out candy. I think she enjoyed that more than she did actually going herself.

She kept us laughing all night long. She wanted to play a game (Candy Land - how appropriate for Halloween!) while we waited for trick or treaters to come to our house. Frank sat in the front room watching the UT game so we went to the back to play! Every time he would tell her someone was coming, she would grab her tiara and run down the hall shouting "Customers, customers, we have customers!", all the while trying to get her tiara on while she ran!

One time, Frank called to her that some were coming and she got to the door before they actually got in our driveway. She leaned her head on the glass door and started saying "Waiting, waiting, waiting." Then when she could finally see them, she shouted "There they are" like they were long lost friends or something, those blue eyes just gleaming.

After we finished our game, she wanted to go set on the front porch to wait for "customers" to come. It was a nice night so we didn't have a problem with that. When the kids would come up, every time she put the candy in their bags she would say "I present you, and I present you..." This went one for several "customers" and Frank and I just couldn't help but laugh along with the other parents. Maybe because she was a princess, but I really don't know where she came up with that.

During half time, Frank came out to join us and she decided they were going to play football. Frank told her we didn't have a football to play with and her reaction? "Yes we do Grumpy!" as she threw the imaginary ball to him! They played for about fifteen minutes before the alligator in the neighbors shrubs ate the ball. Then she was back on the front porch with me.

But Frank and I agree that the funniest thing all night was a visitor we had show up. A black cat! We have cats come up all the time, but this was the first time for this one. We don't like them hanging out on our porch and making it home, so Frank would come out and shoo him away every time he walked up behind us. Well this just cracked Mattie May up so she started watching for this cat. When she would see him, she would motion to Frank through the glass that he was there and Frank would come out and shoo him again. Well of course the poor cat would run out of there like cats do and for some reason this would have Mattie May laughing. She would actually lay on the porch holding her stomach laughing until tears ran down her cheeks!

October was a fast month and we had lots of fun things to do. I made a short scrapbook of our month. Hope you enjoy it!