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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Matttie May, What is that on Your Head?

Sadly, we only have one more night to travel through Egypt. This is our last night for SBA and we have been having a great time. I hope to have more pictures tomorrow night. It is taking me a while because we get home so late from SBA, and Mattie May has to have a bath afterward. Furry animals and sweating kiddos make for some really funky smells! I just wanted to tell a funny on Mattie May.

It was dusky dark on our way home last night, but I could see something on Mattie May's forehead when I looked in the rear view mirror. I asked her "Mattie May, what is that on your head? Did you get mud on it when you were making bricks?"

MM - "I don't know, maybe."

And that was the end, I thought.

Just seconds later she started screaming "Lolo! There is a bee in here! Get it out! Get it out!"

I couldn't see it or hear it and where I was, I certainly couldn't pull over to check her out. I told her to put her blanket over her head and we would stop just as soon as I could.

" But Lolo, don't you hear it?! I can still hear it!" She had her blanket on her head like I told her.

When we reached the next stop light, I turned to check on her. She was still covered up and seemed to be calm. When I turned back around, I saw the "bee" on my windshield. It was a huge, Texas size mosquito! I told Mattie May that it was OK, that it was just a mosquito and she could take the blanket off her head. In this short time, I did manage to rid my car of this gigantic pest.

We got home and I got her in the bath tub. I started getting her hair wet to wash it and that is when I saw the bumps. What I thought was mud on her head was the cotton pickin' mosquito, and he had evidently found she was a delicious meal! I didn't want her to freak out over the bumps so I didn't take any pictures but they where really big!

I guess next time I see something on her head, I'll check it out a little better!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Bible Adventure

Oh, the fun this week! Mattie May has been going to Summer Bible Adventure (SBA) this week and loving it! They are traveling through Egypt, following Joseph's journey from prison to the palace. Sunday night they visited with Joseph while he was in prison and last night they got to visit him in the palace where he has been interpreting dreams. They also visit the market place each night. Sunday, Mattie May made a sail boat at the wood workers shop. Last night she made a beautiful bracelet at the jewelers, danced like an Egyptian at the music shop and made a stop at the barber shop/spa where she had her hair and make up done! See her Egyptian eyes. She is working on her head piece to wear after she gets her hair done. The biggest thrill she had last night was getting to see the camels. Of the ones in her "family", she and Gracie just had no fear! They walked right up to those great big camels and gave them hugs, then got in a bit of trouble because they tried to feed them! After visiting the animals provided by Brenda May from May's Farm, they just didn't understand why they couldn't feed them.

I have many more pictures that I am trying to get edited. My camera is giving me a bit of trouble this week. It doesn't want to focus on the auto setting and is taking a bit longer focusing when on other settings.

I would like to tell Mr. Donnie and all the MANY volunteers what a great job they are doing at SBA this year! It is always great and this year's trip through Egypt is no exception! Thanks to all of you!!!