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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Don't Like Spiders and Snakes!

If you have ever read my fishing blog (here), you know I don't like snakes! Oh, they just make my skin crawl!

Well, I don't like spiders either! Yesterday morning, one decided to join me in the shower. I didn't notice him at first, but you know how you feel like someone is watching you? I got that feeling. I reached up to move the shower curtain to make sure it was closed good and it almost jumped on my hand. Oh it just creeped me out! He just sat there and stared at me. Frank was still asleep and I knew he would not be real happy with me if I screamed so I tried to find something to kill him with. But every time I tried, he moved. So I just finished up real quick and got out of there.

When Frank woke up I told him where the spider was and he went in to take care of him. But he had moved! I just knew I would find him when Frank left for work so he kept looking for him. When he finally found him he killed him for me. Now I don't make it a practice to kill spiders, they just need to stay outside where they belong, not in my shower!

Frank was still a little upset with me because I didn't kill him, but this thing was HUGE! I am not kidding. It was a giant. Now Frank will tell you that it was about the size of the spider on the left, but I am telling you it was as big as the one on the right. Who are you going to believe? C'mon now, I have never lied to you before!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Prettiest Smile Ever

My little baby girl just came to see me. She had been to the dentist to get her new teeth!

Even though she could hardly open her mouth, and there was still a lot of blood and a lot of healing to do, that was absolutely the prettiest smile I had ever seen! Thanks to everyone involved in getting this problem resolved!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm Still Here

I have been neglecting this blog! It is partly because I have a life! But I have also been up to some new adventures, planning our vacation, keeping up with the flower garden and enjoying Mattie May.

Nothing really new or exciting going on. We will be going on vacation next moth so maybe that will give me something to blog about. We are all well and blessed beyond belief.

OH, do keep Katie in your prayers for the next few days. She will be getting her new teeth tomorrow! She will be able to smile again without embarrassment. Buddy will be taking care of her and I (we) will be taking care of Mattie May. You know they had to twist my arm to agree to that. I will have pictures of her smile as soon as I can.

I pray God to bless you as much as He blesses me daily.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lolo, It Sorta Cwushed

First I have to apologize to Traci. Sorry you are hearing about this through my blog, but it is just to late at night for me to call you and tell you what happened.

Traci and Tim gave Mattie May a Tinkerbell snow globe. Mattie May, like most kids her age, is fascinated with snow globes. She loves them. And this one isn't just a snow globe. It's really big! About 12" tall. It can be turned on and a fan blows the snow around and music plays. It really is cool. And it's Tink!

Well, it was having problems tonight and wouldn't work. It has brand new batteries so I knew that wasn't the problem. I put it to the side and told her Grumpy would have to look at it when he got home. He is the repair guy after all, not me!

We went on about out business, and I forgot about the snow globe. I had stepped into a different room for just a minute and I hear Mattie May call me. The conversation went a little like this -

MM "Lolo?"

Me "Yes Baby?"

MM "It's sorta cwushed!"

Me "What?"
That's when she brought me this and said "It's sort of cwushed, Lolo!"
Yep! It's sort of crushed!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Seems Like Just Yesterday.

Tonight we went to the Western Heritage Classic parade. It seems like yesterday that we just went and I used this opportunity to use this parade as the subject of a new craft I was learning, digital scrapbooking. Man ~ time really does go by faster the older you get!

It was much shorter than usual, but that was a blessing since Frank went with us this year and because it was so hot today! My car read 104 when I got in it at 5 and I had left windows down! Man - I dread to see July and August if it is already this hot in May!!!!!
Frank and I scheduled our vacation time today. We were both able to get the days we requested on our first try. That is usually pretty easy for me, but Frank has more people to coordinate with. Now we just have to decided where we want to go. Mattie May wants to go back to the beach so to the beach we will go. We are trying to decided between Corpus Christi (where we went last year) or Galveston. I worry about Galveston because it has not even been a year since they were hit with Hurricane Ike. From everything I read on the internet, they are ready for tourist. If any of you out there have visited Galveston lately, let me know how it was.
I hope everyone is having a blessed week and I wish all you Mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day (just in case I don't post again before Sunday)!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Really Made Me Mad!

Please watch this news segment that aired on CBS' The Early Show Monday morning.

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What are your thoughts?

I first want to say that no one is saying there is not an obesity problem in America! This is something that is on most of our minds on a daily basis. It is a problem and parents need to do everything they can to help their children correct the problem. Eating right and exercise are the best places to start.

The idea that selling nice clothes in large sizes to help a girls self esteem is a bad idea is beyond me. Lets do everything we can to help these kids. Even if it includes making fashionable clothing in sizes for tweens, teens, and younger ladies. Who does she think she is calling it the "fat" section?! She also says this isn't about fashion - Excuse me?! That is what this segment is about, fashion!

I think selling clothes in such small sizes is a bad idea! Lets teach our children that you have to be a Size 0 (I don't think that is even possible) so they have some severe eating disorders. I know very few girls that can were these tiny sizes, including my daughter! She is stick thin and still wears a size 7. Nothing wrong with that! She looks great! How about not selling clothing for people who are not as tall as all those models out there also! Isn't there a special section for that?

I think this person in this interview is rude and a fat hater! Just listen to her. I don't think she lives in the real world. Someone who has never had a weight struggle can not understand the problem. They think you can just quit eating! They think you are lazy! If you listen to what she says about what to keep them from eating, you know she has never had a weight. It makes me wonder if she has a child.

Yeah Emme! Way to hold your composer and your tongue. And you look great by the way!