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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This Really Made Me Mad!

Please watch this news segment that aired on CBS' The Early Show Monday morning.

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What are your thoughts?

I first want to say that no one is saying there is not an obesity problem in America! This is something that is on most of our minds on a daily basis. It is a problem and parents need to do everything they can to help their children correct the problem. Eating right and exercise are the best places to start.

The idea that selling nice clothes in large sizes to help a girls self esteem is a bad idea is beyond me. Lets do everything we can to help these kids. Even if it includes making fashionable clothing in sizes for tweens, teens, and younger ladies. Who does she think she is calling it the "fat" section?! She also says this isn't about fashion - Excuse me?! That is what this segment is about, fashion!

I think selling clothes in such small sizes is a bad idea! Lets teach our children that you have to be a Size 0 (I don't think that is even possible) so they have some severe eating disorders. I know very few girls that can were these tiny sizes, including my daughter! She is stick thin and still wears a size 7. Nothing wrong with that! She looks great! How about not selling clothing for people who are not as tall as all those models out there also! Isn't there a special section for that?

I think this person in this interview is rude and a fat hater! Just listen to her. I don't think she lives in the real world. Someone who has never had a weight struggle can not understand the problem. They think you can just quit eating! They think you are lazy! If you listen to what she says about what to keep them from eating, you know she has never had a weight. It makes me wonder if she has a child.

Yeah Emme! Way to hold your composer and your tongue. And you look great by the way!


Shellmo said...

That lady was condescending! Girls of any size deserve "cute" clothes.

Julie said...

Hmm...this one is a touchy subject to say the least.

I have been on both ends of the spectrum - I have worn size zero clothes, and I have worn size 1X clothes, so I feel I can speak pretty freely on this topic.

When I was a teen, I was very thin. However, I exercised regularly (in the form of riding bikes and walking with my friends) and didn't eat a lot of junk. Not to say I was a health nut, but what "junk food" I ate was eaten in moderation.

Teens today eat garbage from the time they get up until the time they go to bed if their parents let them. There are pop and candy vending machines in the schools. Parents allow their kids to sit inside playing video games or zoning in front of the TV or computer instead of making them get outside and DO something.

Sure, some people naturally tend to struggle with their weight. As an adult, I am one of those people. I stopped being as active and started eating less healthy and now I have 60 pounds to lose.

As for the clothing and whether it's appropriate to sell plus sizes to teens or not?!? I guess this is one of those, "You made your bed now lie in it" kind of situations. As a society, we have single-handedly allowed ourselves (and children especially) to become fat.

If you look into history, there has NEVER been a time when such a large percentage of our population was overweight, much less obese. Why do you think that is?

Probably because people were more physically active and didn't have all of the food temptations we have nowadays. Clothing sizes have slowly increased as well over the years...if you look at a size 14 from the 50's and a size 14 from now, you will see a noticeable difference (modern day 14 being bigger than the older version). Seriously.

Now, I am not saying overweight people are lazy, or that they don't deserve to be able to look nice. However, in a society with as much knowledge as ours, can we really justify being overweight? I know I can't!

Retailers are going to cater to their customers, and if the customers are getting bigger, so will the clothes.

There's my two cents. Sorry for the "novel" length of my comment!