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Friday, February 19, 2010

New (to me) Vehicle

Last Saturday, Frank and I decided we would spend the entire day trying to find me a vehicle. And it took all day, but it was worth it. I am now the proud owner of a 2007 Chevy Tahoe. It has everything I wanted except the DVD player but that is such an easy fix I'm not worried about it at all. I really can't think of anything I don't like about it, but I have found something I love! It has a remote start! WOW! I don't think I will ever own another vehicle without one. It spoiled me the first time I used it. Frank laughs at me and tells me I don't have to use it just because it is there. But it is so wonderful. Being able to start it from my living room in the mornings when it has been so cold is wonderful.

I would post a picture but I haven't taken any yet. I could go take one right now, but the birds sort of christened it this morning, so it is in terrible need of a bath!

I am so thankful that headache is out of my way. Now just to try and settle the medical part of all this.

We were hoping to be in Birmingham, AL this weekend but it just didn't happen. That is where the Bassmaster Classic is taking place. I did a short post about that over on my fishing blog. Pop over there and read it if you have time.

The forecast is for some lovely weather this weekend, so I hope we get to get out and enjoy it and I hope you get to do the same.

Blessings to you all!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just looked at my last post and realized it has been two weeks since I have given an update on the wreck.

Mattie May is doing great. She was checked out by both our chiropractor and family physician. They both believe she is fine, although our family physician wants us to watch for any changes in her personality. He said we would really be surprised at how a wreck like that can change a child. So far we believe she is acting like any normal four year old.

Katie and I are healing. We are still going to the chiropractor and I start actual rehab this week. She is still in her soft brace but I got to take off that so very uncomfortable collar. I still have it but hope I never have to use it again. I also had a MRI on my head due to some headaches and blurred vision. That came back good. Dr. said I had a normal human brain, Frank is asking for a second opinion. CT scan on my abdomen turned out not so good. I have been having some pain right where the seat belt buckles. I found out I have gall stones and they have been irritated from the wreck. So another test on Friday to make sure my gall bladder is working properly and we will go from what they find as to what the next step will be.

Our fishing season started this past Saturday and I had to miss it. The doctor just doesn't want me in the boat right now. It is rough enough on a healthy body and it would not be good to get bounced around out there right now. The weather was cold and windy so I don't know that I would have gone anyway, but it would have been nice if I was the one making that decision, not the driver that rear ended me!

The insurance company has given us the amount for the auto settlement. We are still looking it over. I am still in the process of looking for a new auto. It just gets very depressing. I was almost finished paying for that one and now, through no fault or choice of my own, I have to start payments all over again! One thing Frank and I have definitely agreed on is no more red vehicles! We just don't have any luck with those. I will say, this one definitely preformed well, protecting the passengers in that wreck. I am so thankful that God has provided us the means to afford such safe autos!

We do have news on the driver of the other vehicle, but just don't feel the need to share that right now. Let's just say it really didn't make me happy! But I am still praying for her daily and ask that you do the same. I would really like to see her come to Christ and overcome her demons that allows her to make the poor choices she is making!

I thank all of you for your prayers since the wreck. I am so blessed to have family and friends that are always concerned about others. Blessings to you all!