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Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Seems Like Just Yesterday.

Tonight we went to the Western Heritage Classic parade. It seems like yesterday that we just went and I used this opportunity to use this parade as the subject of a new craft I was learning, digital scrapbooking. Man ~ time really does go by faster the older you get!

It was much shorter than usual, but that was a blessing since Frank went with us this year and because it was so hot today! My car read 104 when I got in it at 5 and I had left windows down! Man - I dread to see July and August if it is already this hot in May!!!!!
Frank and I scheduled our vacation time today. We were both able to get the days we requested on our first try. That is usually pretty easy for me, but Frank has more people to coordinate with. Now we just have to decided where we want to go. Mattie May wants to go back to the beach so to the beach we will go. We are trying to decided between Corpus Christi (where we went last year) or Galveston. I worry about Galveston because it has not even been a year since they were hit with Hurricane Ike. From everything I read on the internet, they are ready for tourist. If any of you out there have visited Galveston lately, let me know how it was.
I hope everyone is having a blessed week and I wish all you Mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day (just in case I don't post again before Sunday)!


Shellmo said...

Wow - can't believe it's 104 degress over there by you! We can seem to get above the low 60's here. Someone recently did a post on Galveston and I'm straining my memory to remember who, when I do I'll come back. They shared photos - it looked like some work still needed to be done. I'll try and remember....

Veronica Hugger said...

Galveston is GREAT! Come on down (preferably before seaweed season).

Veronica Hugger said...

Hi Brandi!

Everything is pretty much open on the Island (including the four area scrapbooking stores!!). When are you coming? Seaweed season is starting now up and down the coast. You'll want to be near beaches that are regularly groomed. Galveston Park Board grooms all the public beaches and then some. And I think Galveston has more beach than Corpus. Also, your family would really love Schlitterbahn! If you want more info, we've been season pass holders for four years and love it!

Gotta run. Please email if you have more questions!


Jan said...

104 degrees! Good grief! And it's only May. A trip to the beach sounds like such fun - I can imagine the fun Mattie May would have - in fact, all of you would have! Thank you so much for having us on your prayer list. It was a tough time in many ways - a good time too in some ways. I think folks' prayers made it go better than it might have otherwise. Hope this week will be cooler for you! xoxoxoxo Jan