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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yes, That WAS my Granddaughter!

Oh, grandchildren! They are so wonderful. So sweet, so lovable, always such angels. NOT!

Mattie May loves to go to Bible class. She gets to see her friends, is always learning a new song, and from what the teachers tell us, she is a good pupil; always listening and learning. On Wednesday night, we enjoy going to church early and eating at Manna and More. The food is always good and the fellowship is even better. Mattie May is usually a very good eater and will sit down for most of the meal and eat.

Well, not last night. She gave the hundred or so people trying to eat a real show on how not to act. She got mad at me because I would not let her eat her cake before she ate her meal. Oh, the drama! The crying, the sobbing with the hands covering the mouth and face. Standing in the chair stomping and screaming. Laying in the floor yelling "pwease, Lolo, pwease"! If only awards had been given out last night for "Best fit Thrown in a Public Place", she would have won, hands down.

I know, I could have just let her have the cake. But it would seem then that I was giving in. I had to stand my ground. She already thinks she is the boss, just ask her.

So to everyone that was there, I am so sorry for the way she acted, but now you know she is not always the angel she appears to be. To those that were not, I hope you had a very peaceful meal with your family!

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Trina said...

Like she was the first one. Kauy was the one that EVERYONE at the grocery store and the mall heard screaming when we went in to get shots at the pharmacy. Then he screamed for the next two trips about it.
You just take a bow, say "I know you remember the days..." and go on.