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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Did I Do That?

My family loves spaghetti. Back when we first married, I would make it the way Mom had shown me, with ground meat and mostly fresh ingredients. About 15 years ago, on a skiing trip, she showed me a new way to make it, with Prego and German sausage. It is so much easier than the old way and really just as good if not better. Frank loves it and we have it about once a week. So you can see, I should know how to make it.

Last night, in a rush to get to a basketball game, we decided to have spaghetti because it is fast, easy and good. So, I cut up the sausage and started heating it and started the water for the noodles. Katie was getting Mattie May ready and Frank was fixing the bread. I put the noodles in the boiling water, got the jar of sauce and, for some reason that we will never know, I started pouring the sauce into the boiling noodles! Oh My Goodness! I caught myself and managed to only pour about a forth of it in there.

I guess I screamed because Katie came running into the kitchen to see what was wrong. When she saw the red in the noodles she thought I had cut myself. When I told her what I had done, she very simply asked "Mom, why did you do that?"

Why did I do that? I obviously know how to make spaghetti because my family wants it every week. It is really simple; cut up meat, dump sauce over top, heat. Easy, right? So what was wrong last night?

Have you ever done something like that, taken an easy task and made a complete mess out of it? Something you do on a weekly or daily basis that should be second nature to you? Let me know.

We decided there was nothing to do other than let the noodles continue to boil in the saucy water. They turned out a bit red, but once the actual meat sauce was put on top, they looked as normal as ever. Oh, and there were no left overs, so I guess they tasted alright too.


Patriot said...

Sounds like it wasn't a bad mistake at all. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for entering my giveaway!

Trina said...

If is didn't do something like that on a monthly basis, my family would think there really was something wrong with me. It is nature. We can multitask well, but probably shouldn't do that while driving or cooking!

jessica said...

I blame those oopsies on brain overload... and since they happen often, I guess my brain could use a break!