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Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Stranger

Look down at my live traffic feed. See that one -

Yea! That's the one - Shreveport, Louisiana. That is no stranger. That's me!

Frank and I are enjoying some time here. Tomorrow morning we will rise before the chickens and the pigs to head out to the launch of the 2009 Bassmasters Classic!

Yes, I have spent a little time in the casino, but not much. To expensive for me and the smoke kills me! Really! I have never liked the smell of cigarette smoke and last time I was here I stayed in the bed...sick...from the smoke.

So I managed to find a computer so I am happy as a lark and saving money too! Frank on the other hand...I left him in the casino. Yeah, I know! Probably not the smartest decision I have every made!!

I will check in often and if you wake up early enough (or set the DVR like I did), look for us on Mike and Mike in the morning. Frank said he is going to try really hard to get noticed on their show. You know the one, where they show the goofy people standing out in the freezing cold acting weird to get noticed? Sounds just like my dear sweet husband!!

Love you all and I will check in again as soon as I can!


Darlene said...

WOOHOOO ....Looks like you all goning to have a great time !!! btw you are now only about an hour from me ...hehe have a blast and enjoy it if you get a chance take a stroll along the riverwalk there i hear it is really nice !!

Shellmo said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!!