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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mattie May's Merry Musings - Batteries

Back in December 2006, I came across the cutest Nativity set. It is Fisher Price's Little People. It was so cute I knew my Mattie May just had to have it. She was almost a year old and I knew she would be wanting to get into the Christmas decorations and this was something that she could play with without getting into trouble. She enjoyed it so much, we decided it needed to be left out of the other decorations so she could play with it year round.

She loves that little set. She plays with it more than any other toy she has. And she loves to tell the story of the birth of "Baby Jesus".

The manger has a place on the top to put the angel and if you press down on the angel, the star lights up and it plays "Away in a Manger". In Mattie May's case, it doesn't have to be the angel. It can be Mary, the donkey, anything. I think baby Jesus himself has made it up there on more than one occasion. That's OK. She knows the story and I believe in leaving her imagination alone, letting her be creative.Last week, she was sitting below Frank's recliner playing away with this set. She pushed the button on top and the song started playing. It was OK at first, but as it continued it slowed, making that funny dragging sound that songs tend to make as the batteries are running out. Those big blue eyes looked up at Grumpy and she said "Gumpy, I think sometings wrong." He explained that it needed new batteries. I told them I thought I had some that would fit.

She followed me to the kitchen with her manger. I asked her to hold the batteries while I unscrewed the cover. I reached down and asked her for the batteries. She pulled them back and said "I want to do it!" By this time Frank and Katie were standing there with us and one of us explained that we needed to put them in right or it wouldn't work. Again she looked at us all with those big ol' eyes and said..."Lolo, I can do it! I match the plus with the plus and the minus with the minus!"

Well! OK then! And she did! Then as she handed it back to me to put the cover back on she says "See! I told you I could do it!"

How did she even know?! She's three!


Julie said...

YAY for Mattie May! We have the little people nativity as well. My mother in law bought it for the girls last year, and they love it. I also bought the Mayflower & Thanksgiving playsets (on clearance) from the website last year, and can't wait to bust them out of "hiding" for fall this year.

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