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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fair Results

Well, the fair has come and gone and we had a great time each time we visited which I must say was three more times than I intended. Our entry results were not what I had hoped for and I know I should be thankful for being able to enter things. It's just sometimes I wish I had a better idea of what the judges were looking for.

I walked away with five ribbons. I will post what I won later because I don't remember everything (old age catching up with me!), but I do know I won five and the best was third place. Maybe I will do better next year.

Mattie May received a "Participant" ribbon on her bulldog she entered and was excited to see it in the display. Of course Grumpy and Lolo were a little disappointed for her. Let's just say some of the entries seemed to have a "little" help being made! I just don't believe in this. If the child is going to make it, let them make it. I will tell you the story of a Christmas ornament contest Katie entered one year. It's a great story and a huge confidence builder.

This week we are busy getting ready for our trip to Del Rio. EXCITED!!! Ready to see some friends I haven't seen since last year! And hoping we fish well and have lots of fish to weigh in! Maybe we'll even win this year! That would be great!

So until next week sometime!

God Bless You All

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Octamom said...

Wish that your results would have been better for you--but your take the ribbon in Octamom world! Have a great fishing trip!