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Monday, November 30, 2009

Mattie May's Merry Musings - Christmas Tree

Yesterday, my dear sweet husband finished all the outside Christmas decor and moved inside setting up the Christmas tree. He got all the timers set up and everything looks great other than the fact that it is now my turn to get all the ornaments on the tree and finish with the decorating.

About the time he was finishing setting up the timer on the tree, Mattie May walked in.

"Oh Grumpy! It is so pretty! But where all the presents?"

"Santa will bring them when your asleep on Christmas eve."

"Oh yeah. I forgot." and she walks out of the room.

Such a silly willy! But ya' gotta love her!


LindaSueBuhl said...

Can't blame a girl for trying! Trees look kind of incomplete with out pretty packages underneath. Thanks for visiting my blog - I wrote in the comments that the stocking you were concerned about isn't normally hanging down when there is a fire in the fireplace! Safety conscious - I like that in you - of course with Miss Mattie May you have to be!

aynzan said...

I saw your blog URL in your scrapblog page, and thought I'll pay you a vist here.Lovely blog.
I' m sure the grandpapa is the Santa this christmas!!
Take care !
Merry Christmas

aynzan ( from scrapblog)


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