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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Addition of the Mixon Christmas Card

WOW!!! December 22! Where has the year gone! We have had a great year, with some bumps in the road but still great all the same. God has blessed us again, way beyond what we could ever deserve.

God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!

I don't think I have bought a single present for anyone other than Mattie May, so I still have lots of shopping to do. This has just been one of those years when I couldn't get it all together. I have reminded myself several times that if it doesn't get done, that it is OK. Getting it done is not what the holiday is all about. We did finally get the Christmas tree decorated. You can check out this post to see some of the ornaments that adorn our tree and if you want the story of my favorite ornament, check out this post.

We also have been busy getting our Christmas cards out. Oh the fun we had doing this one. We have friends that start asking about our cards as early as September! I never dreamed when I sent out that first card in 2006 that they would be such a hit with family and friends, but we are so happy they are. One of our very sweet friends (the wife of one of Frank's co-workers) has made a frame that she puts out each year with all of the pictures in it! If you want to see the previous years cards, start with this post, then look here to see last years card. I have been running late this year getting them out and actually ran out of pictures. I have ordered some more, so those of you that are new to my list, please be patient. You will get one but it may be a day or two after Christmas day!

I'm sorry, but no sneak preview this year! I will tell you, Mattie May has really taken interest in decision making process and this year she chose to go back to the "Reason for the Season"! She is just such a light in our lives: she can make the gloomiest day bright!

Hopefully I will get it all together and have a new post tomorrow! Until next time - God Bless you all!

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