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Friday, April 23, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture

Last night, we went to the movie.

Katie, Mattie May, Makaley, Kauy, and me.

It was great fun.

Before the movie, we ate at Burger King, you know, fill the tummy a bit so we don't eat to much popcorn.

We had a great time.

I snapped this picture of Mattie May while she was eating.

As cute as she is, there is something wrong with this picture.

Do you see what it is?

If you've known my family or read this blog for a while, I am sure you will notice as soon as you look.
Figured it out yet?

It's there, right before your eyes!

Give up?

Are you ready?

That is my Mattie May, even though I don 't necessarily recognize her!

She didn't want dog ears!

She said she is a big girl now and wanted to wear a headband!

I guess now I have to call her my granddaughter
and not my grand baby any more!

Does she really have to grow up?



Hi Brandi,
I wanted to come by and thank you for taking the time to leave me such nice comments. Your daughter is always so adorable to see. I have my work verification on always.. some pervs out there find me and leave me nasty things.
Have a great day!

McMGrad89 said...

Aww, Brandi. It had to happen sometime. I have to admit that even though I was looking at the baby pictures at the top, I hadn't noticed the difference until you pointed it out. She is still adorable, but you don't need me to tell you that. :-)