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Friday, October 8, 2010

A Few More First

Yes, I realize I have been MIA for a over a week. I don't know why, I guess I have just been busy. So I will be catching up on some of the first from the last 10 days (some of these things are probably TMI, but I do post to have record of memories of Mattie May, so please bear with me. Just skip over the parts that gross you out!)

Friday September 24, 2010 - First Blister Bug Bite

Yes I skipped over this little detail from my last post. I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. While getting dressed for bed, Katie noticed something on Mattie May' that concerned her. To her it looked like a cigarette burn, to me a bite. I told her we would check on it the next morning. And we did. OH MY! It was a huge blister and I new instantly what it was. I have had one before. Yuk! We managed to get a band-aid on it (not really a place for a band-aid where it was!). After soccer, we checked it out again and it had burst. We tried hard to keep it clean, dry and covered, but it was just in a terrible place.

Tuesday September 28, 2010 - First School Field Trip

Mattie May's class took a field trip to May Farm. Oh yes, she has been to May Farm on more occasions than I can count, visited the animals (and Mrs. Brenda) at the fair and at church during SBA, so this was nothing new. What was new? She got to go without parents or grandparents and she rode on a school bus to get there! The first thing she did was find Mrs. Brenda and give her a gigantic hug and probably a kiss. Then she got in trouble for putting feed in the water trough after being told not too! Oops! Sorry Mrs. Brenda. She had a great time but no pictures. I really didn't trust her with my camera without any of us around!

Wednesday September 29, 2010 - STAPH and other gross things!!! (Queasy? You may want to skip this part!)

Yes! I know! Yuk!!! After school, karate, supper, then church, it was bath time which Mattie May normally loves! As soon as she sat down, she started crying and saying her bug bite hurt and she wouldn't lower her rear into the tub. We got her to lay down in the tub so we could look and the spot had gotten much bigger and looked like a burn that was healing. Frank told us to get her out and we headed to the walk in clinic. The PA took one look and gasped that it looked like staph. She took a culture, prescribed an ointment and antibiotic and told us they would let us know ASAP the results of the culture. OH!!! Mattie May did not like that ointment at all! We managed to get it on twice a day and on Monday they called us to let us know it was staph, but that they had put the ointment on the culture and it killed the infection. After visiting with Dr. Cooksey, he told us to continue what they had prescribed since it seemed to work in the lab. On Thursday, as I was getting home after picking Mattie May up at Karate, Katie was getting her out of her car seat and noticed her scratching her head. Yep! You got it! Lice! UGH!!!!! So after an extremely quick supper, Katie started the process of treating her head and I started the
process of cleaning beds, furniture, linens, anything that child had touched in the past week was either bleached or treated! (I know this is gross!!! But do some research on lice. They like CLEAN heads!!) Lesson Learned! Now that she is in public school and after talking to Michelle, we now have a product to treat her head with daily! Ask the pharmacy for it if you are interested! Let me tell you a few things you can count on, if your kids go to public school they have a good chance of getting lice and if you come to my house 1) it will always have a supply of treatment for hair and furniture 2) My house will always smell like bleach!

Saturday October 2, 2010 - First Belt Test

Mattie May had her first belt test. She was so excited. Not once did she ever get nervous. She did great! Even though she had a bit of trouble on the obstacle course (she had trouble jumping the bars with her feet together), we think she did great and now has her Little Dragon Yellow Belt. That is a first for our entire family!

Sunday October 3, 2010 - First Soccer Goal

Due to the rains the previous weekend, her team had a make-up game on Sunday. I'm not crazy about having things on Sunday because that is family day, but thankfully it was at 1:00, so it didn't interfere with church activities. And because it was on a Sunday, Poppa and Lorraine were able to be there. She actually acted like she was glad to be there playing. At the time, we were ahead 1-0. They kicked off and Mattie May took off with the ball. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. The only problem was she was headed the wrong direction!!! Yes that's right! The first time she scores, she does it for the other team! We were laughing so hard! But that was OK. She took off and never looked back. And to make it even better, with the next kick off, their team took the ball and scored in our goal so that made it alright!

Thursday October 7, 2010 - First School Pictures

We had no problems getting her out of bed today! She already had decided what she was going to wear - her red "rock star" outfit we had bought before school started and high top sneakers! To many things to describe so I will post a picture once we get them back!

WOW! Are you as tired as I am?! That was a lot for 7 days! This weekend she has another first to look forward to and hopefully, I will get that posted before the news is a week old! I hope you have a blessed weekend. I am going to get a nap before the weekend starts!

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