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Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten 08.22.11

Seriously! Where has the summer gone?! It has been over a month since I posted about our trip the US Open and I am not sure where that month went.

Whatever happened to it, it's gone, and today was the first day of school for our Mattie May. Oops! I forgot! She's just Mattie now! Anyway, it seems to me as if this is the child that should be starting school, not her daughter.
Last night we did well and got to bed at a decent hour, knowing we had to get Mattie up about 45 minutes earlier than what she is used to. Slept well and ready to get the day started.

Some where in this bed is a five year old ready to start school.
Still not sure where she is, but this is where I left her last night.

That kind of looks like a child snuggled up there!
There she is, under all that hair! Oh My!
I know a lot of people have special things they fix for breakfast for the first day of school, but I just leave it up to her. I was ready for just about everything, but all she wanted were chocolate muffins, a banana, and milk. Not the best breakfast ever, but what she wanted. I'll insist on a little better in the morning.

We finally got teeth brushed, clothes on, and all that hair tamed!
She is ready to go.
She choose this outfit, even the knee socks. This child loves knee socks!!
And those things are hard to find for those little legs!
She wanted dog ears!
So I did the best I could with the hair she had!

A pose for Grumpy and Mommie.
Posing at school for Mommie to take her picture.
One last picture with Mommie.
My two favorite girls in the world!
Miss Cagle, her teacher.
She found her locker and her desk and was ready to go.
She said she had a great day today, and she even had homework!
She loves having homework!
How long will that last.

As best we can tell,
the most exciting thing they did today was make gingerbread man
(and women)

And they disappeared out of the oven just like in the book!
They looked all over the school campus and couldn't find them!

I took me awhile
(with a little help from my cousin)
to see what the teachers were doing.
Isn't that a cute way to teach these kids
their way around the new to them campus?!

I can't wait to see if they find those cookies tomorrow!

And this kid...
this is how she looked after a full day at school
and an afternoon at karate!
That poor white shirt may never be the same!

I hope all of you had a great first day of school. I know not all of you still have students at home, but in some way or another, we are all connected to someone starting school!

God Bless you all!


Darlene said...

Ohhh my goodness she is getting big and looked soo darn cute !!!!! Tell her i am waiting for one of those gingerbread men/ women cookies !! hehe Have fun this year !! I so forgot to get a pic of KaDee before and after she woke up! I feel aweful now ! ;( God Bless my friend !

McMGrad89 said...

It's been a while since I wandered over here.

Last year, James had a waffle (eggo) and scrambled egg. The ENTIRE year!! I offered it the first day and it was what he requested the rest of the year.

This year, we were in a new place and a new school so I don't remember what he asked for, but there were no Eggos to be had so it was probably an egg and toast or an egg and cereal. (he loves eggs) His breakfast of choice right now is Special K (why?? who knows?) We will see what he wants when those run out.