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Friday, May 4, 2012

Wild Wild West Texas Championships - My Turn

I have not competed since last July when we went to the US Open in Orlando, I have not even worked out since then. Because of the lapse of post on my little bloggy here, you don't know about my arm injury. Long story short - I fell, got a shot, burst two bursa sacks in my right arm, had extremely limited usage for several months. A good reason not to go around breaking things with my hand huh?! But I'm better now, so I competed.

I didn't have any competition so I decided to try for some records, but I chickened out when it came to my arm. For concrete elbow and hand (which I had never tried) I just tried to break one brick. Elbow - I succeeded, hand - I did not! Don't know that I will be trying either of those anymore. I have a really nice bruise on my arm and palm. I need to rethink the technique I use for my hand if I do decide to try that again, but I'm thinking I will leave the concrete breaks to my foot!

For power wood hand I also decided not to try for the record, because now I have a bruise on my palm! I stacked 6 and broke 3. Not the best success but I will keep trying, maybe. That downward strike left some pain in my arm that I am not two happy with and I really don't want to end up back in the doctor's office and PT!

Last year at the US Open, I didn't know what the record was until after I broke. I missed the record by 2. I was not a happy camper and that record has changed since then. It is now 10 and I was ready to break it. But I guess not ready enough! I stacked 11 and broke 7, one less than what I broke last year. I will continue to work on that before July when we head back to Florida.

My final event was power wood foot and the record for it was also standing at 10, so I stacked 11. Funny, it seemed such a small stack to me after stacking those 11 bricks!

 Yes I did it! I was so excited! Now we just need to keep working on Frank so he can hold a record with me!

We are probably going to Houston next weekend to participate in the Houston International. That's the tournament where Mattie won a bicycle last year. So hopefully I can get that concrete record then!

Until next time:

God Bless.

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