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Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Funny from Saturday

I realized I didn't say how Mattie did on the rest of her divisions at the Texas Heat Wave Tournament on Saturday.

She received first 3rd in Self Defense.

She did not place in Traditional Kata or Open Kata.

She received first 3rd in sparring also.

YAY Mattie!!

You did great!

After the tournament, we were starving.

We headed home and stopped in Weatherford at On the Boarder.

Love this place. Just haven't had the chance to eat there in a while.

Aimee and her kiddos met us there.

It took forever for the waitress to come get our drink orders.

After she took the orders, we waited even longer for her to come back.

When she finally did come back, she didn't have any drinks. She explained to us how she had written them down and misplaced the paper.

So she took the order again.

Again we waited.

When she finally brought them, a couple of them were wrong.

But she was very prompt in fixing that.

It took a while, not as long as we had been waiting, for her to come back and take our food order.

I will admit, Mattie was playing a game on her iPad, so she didn't hear the part where she said she was taking our food order.

All she heard was when she asked her "what would you like."

At that point Mattie looked at her with those big baby blues and said...

"What! Did you loose the order again!?!?"

Oh My!!!

It took everything in all the adults powers to not laugh out loud!!

I didn't complain to management because in the end we had a good meal and a lot of laughs. And I know that everyone has an off day or are just learning a new job. And in the end, she did get everything right and didn't charge us for our drinks and also gave us a queso.

And I do have so much more to be thankful for than most...

Until next time,

God bless.

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