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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Picture #11 and Pancackes

We are gradually getting back on track! 

Just two days late this week!!

Miss Phoebe is quickly growing, you can tell by that belly. 

Katie is feeling good, just tired.

Really tired. 

I think if she could. she would sleep 24/7.

But I guess she needs to rest now while she can, because as we all know, once Phoebe arrives mommy will be begging for rest.

Had a great day today at the Kiwanis Pancake day. 
Mattie B used to love to go eat pancakes and Mattie May does to. 

Ready to eat!!!

Ran into her friend Tat that she hasn't seen in a year.

She loved the funny names on the bag of the milk cartons. 

Until next time 
God Bless. 

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