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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Deer or Kitties

Well, we are on to new movies at our house. Her two new favorites are both by Walt Disney, "Bambie" and "The AristoCats". Both are great movies with some great music.

In "Bambie", Mattie May loves the little animals and giggles almost any time the little animals are together. Here is her (and my) favorite from "Bambie" -

You might wonder, how a house full of hunters can enjoy this movie since it has such a negative view of people that hunt. Well, it is simple. This movie shows people that are not true sportsmen. These people shoot at anything. They have no regard for the animals or the forest. A true sportsman would never shoot at a doe that has a fawn with her, which is exactly what happens when Bambie's mother is shot. Also, the camp site is left unattended and the forest catches fire. So Mattie May knows that these "men" are not true sportsmen.

She also enjoys watching "The AristoCats" or kitties as she calls it. This movie has some great music and is the reason we are now stuck on two movies instead of one. The movie is about some pampered cats that study art and music.

This is one of my favorite songs -

The cats are lost and found by an alley cat that helps them get home, but they meet some of his friends in the process. These are his friends -

This song is why we are now watching two movies. She loves to get up and dance to this song and it gets her all wired. So we can not let her watch it to late at night.

So we will continue to watch these movies until she discovers something new, but we don't mind!

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Trina said...

I love that Movie. Her name should be Mattie Lou! After her so much twin Aunt Trina. We also throw good fits!!!
The piano playing at the beginning is sooooo Makaley and Kauy.