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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Yard Work

I know some of my bloggy friends are up North where it is still cold. But here in Texas, we have once again skipped through Spring and are beginning Summer. I think it got in the high 80's today and there was work to be done in the yard. So Grumpy let Mattie May help him today. I hope this will bring some warmth to those of you that are still cold.

First, she gave water to Kot'n (our dog). She is very good about feeding and watering her.

Then, wearing Lolo's gardening gloves, helped Grumpy water the yard.

She took a little break from the hose by squeezing the water out of the gloves into the grass.

She then decided this was the way she wanted to water.

Ok, through with the gloves, she goes back to helping with the hose.

By this time she was so wet and just kept running around the planter and into the stream of water Grumpy had going.

She actually did help by getting most of the grass watered. It helps that we have such a small yard, so it doesn't take long to get it finished, even if it is the first time you were doing the watering. We will be getting some more flowers in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait for her to help get those planted.


Trina said...

Hysti needs some help in the garden. Do you think she could plant the beans? the peas? or the tomatoes? With the price of veggies, you better stop with the flowers and start with the food supply.

Mabunny said...

Hey there Brandi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I will check back in later and readmore of yours. Where abouts in Texas are you? I'm in Lancaster, a southern suburb of Dallas county, near Waxahachie.

Have a great but warm day:))
Hope to hear from you soon!

Mabunny said...

Ok, just so you know I totally SUCK with directions. 144 miles west of FortWorth tells me absoutely nothing , except that it would take me a while to get to your house, lmao. Give me a town name and i might know it, hehe