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Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Weekend

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I know we sure did! I had to get back to work to get some rest! I did good this time, its only Monday and I already have my pictures ready for you. Hope you enjoy. There is music, so turn up those speakers!


Shellmo said...

What a nice way to showcase your family photos!

Darlene said...

HI THERE glad you stopped by my page .....i am loving your blog so far n it is soooo cute ....nice job!!!! thanks for the sweet comments is a tough time we are with God's help making it thru .
i see you have a granddaughter like i do i love my punkin munchkin sooo crazy how much fun it is being a grandmom actually im a Grandee but right now she does not say r's so im

i look forward to more visits to your page...God bless you !!!

by the way love your scrapblogs pics neat im gonna have to try that !!