Today's Verse

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

" I hear somptin'!"

When Mattie May wants you to listen, she says, "I hear somptin!" and you better listen or she will ask you (in a stern 2-yr old voice) "Do you hear me?!"

Her voice is the most beautiful thing I think I will ever hear. All of us are like that, we all have our favorite sounds. But if you live in west Texas, I would almost guess that the sound in the following video is music to your ears. Listen...

Isn't that beautiful music God provided us this afternoon? It is not very often that we west Texans get to hear that, especially in the month of August.

Thank you, God for the wonderful rain this afternoon!


Shellmo said...

I love the sound of rain too - it's so soothing!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Did cute Mattie like the rain? Wonderful sound - we haven't heard enough of it here in Parker County - glad you were blessed. I keep singing the song about showers of blessings but so far - not even a sprinkling of rain (tons of blessings). BTW brandi - never a problem about using stuff or linking to my blog - I'm very flattered!