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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fair Scrapbook

It has been a pretty lazy Saturday since we found out that Frank does not have to go down south in the wake of Hurricane Ike (yeah!). Katie had to work (OT Yeah!) but has since made it home. Frank, Katie and Mattie May are all taking naps and it is kind of quite around here. We have promised MM that we would go do something special if she would get her nap so maybe something exciting will happen this afternoon.

In the meantime, I finished my scrapblog about the fair and thought I would share it with you. I tried to give it an Old West feeling. Please let me know what you think.

(Remember to click on the scrapblog icon in the lower right corner and follow the leads to see it in full screen)

UPDATE - It looks like something is wrong with this scrapblog. Click here to go directly to the site.


Shellmo said...

I LOVE what you did with this - it's so creative and well organized!

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (and for your kind words about my post!)

Cool scrapbook - I'll have to give that a try sometime!

Come back and visit my blog anytime - I love having "company"...

Octamom said...

Great job!! Love the old west feel! So glad you liked the MiMi twins pictures--she is just ooeey-gooey over them--sort of like you are with your grandbaby! So sweet!