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Monday, January 19, 2009

Pigs, Poop and Pat

We had a great weekend! Nothing spectacular, just laid back and not rushed. We rarely get to have time like this. There is always something going on that we have to get to. We did have a few times like this but it was all still pretty calm and nice.

My cousins daughter, M, showed pigs at the Taylor County show. Her son has been very involved but is to young to show at county until next year. I say involved; if it were not for his Big and his wife, these two kids probably would not be involved with pigs at all! I took pictures, but Ashley's are much better so pop on over to her blog to check them out! K is such a ham (bad choice of words) when it comes to pictures. I took off Friday so I could be at the show, then on Saturday, Frank and I decided to check out the sale. We have lots of friends whose children show so we saw lots of people we know and had a great time.

After the sale we decided we would eat an early supper and then head over to the movie. We shared some quesadillas at Abuelo's then went to see "Valkrie". I am not a fan of these types of movies nor am I a big fan of Tom Cruise, but I must say this one held my attention. We had lots of pop corn and soda even though we had just eaten.

We like to sit on the upper front row so we can prop our feet up on the railing. Just below and to the right of where we were sitting was another couple and her head was just about even with my feet. It did not occur to me until almost the end of the show that I had been walking around the stock barn for the past two days and my shoes did not smell all that great! Frank said after the movie that poor woman probably found management and told them there was a terrible smell in the theater!!! The pig poop is just the most difficult stuff to get off your shoes!!!

After the movie we headed down to the Civic Center to check out the telethon for the West Texas Rehab. I love to go down there and check out all the auction items. I never bid on anything because it is all pretty pricey, but the people who donate the quilts just amaze me! The hours they spend on those and the craftsmanship is amazing. We ran into more friends there and a couple of our friends, Brandon and Brandy, had extra tickets to the show so we got to see Pat Green perform. I like most of his music; he is after all a Texas boy!

Sunday was church in the morning and naps in the afternoon. God blessed us with a great weekend! Hope yours was as relaxing as ours was. We are looking forward to a busy week.


Shellmo said...

I like to put my feet on the railing too at the movie theater! Laughing about your feet possibly smelling near that woman! lol!

LindaSueBuhl said...

sounds like a very good day to me! nice thing about goat poop is unless they are sick - it's mostly dry and pellety not stick to your shoes (lovely topic huh?) I literally haven't been to a movie theater in over two years - only times we went were with DH's mom and since she passed - we are movies on dvd watchers. Praying today for our country and a renewal of faith - thanks for visiting the blog - I love hearing from my neighbors (so to speak)

Octamom said...

Sounds like a great weekend--even if you did potentially traumatize a fellow movie-goer!