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Friday, March 13, 2009

So Boring

I have absolutely nothing to blog about!

It is Friday - Yeah! A weekend coming up with nothing planned. Maybe I can catchup on some of my Scrapblogs that I have also been neglecting. Maybe Frank will take me to the pound to look for a puppy. My house needs a dog, I can't stand it without one. Maybe I will clean my house. I don't know about this, it might put my hubby into shock!

One thing I do have planned is church on Sunday. I have missed the last three weeks so I will have to go around reintroducing myself to everyone.

Have a great weekend and maybe, just maybe, something exciting will happen and I will actually have something to blog about that is worth reading.


Julie said...

Don't worry, sometimes it's good when life is a little boring...

Nan said...

Hey Girl - Want to come over? I'll let you choose floors, laundry, great dane duty, grandson or grandgirls coming to spend night. I want a lillte boredom! I'm jealous.