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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God is my Copilot!

I hear about it every day. I am so sad when someone dies from it. I get angry that someone makes such a poor choice. They make the choice to risk others lives, to change their lives forever. I'm talking about drunk driving.

So many innocent lives have been lost because of the terrible crime. I do understand that poor choices are made when people are under the influence. But how can someone be so selfish to make this choice? Please don't misunderstand me. Don't think that I am condemning people that drink. I most certainly am not. I have a drink every now and again. That's OK. But to make the choice to get behind the wheel of an automobile in that condition is just senseless.

The last wreck I had, the police officers and firemen kept commenting to me how calm I was. They kept repeating that I was being so kind to the woman who had just run a red light and put my car out of commission. I told them I knew it was an accident. She didn't wake up that mourning and think to herself "hum, I think I will have a wreck today." She got up to go to work just like I did. We had an accident. That wasn't the case today. Today someone made a horrible choice to get behind the wheel after having a drink. She chose to put everyone on the road in danger. She chose to make her auto a weapon.

I know how lucky I am. I know how blessed we are that all three (five if you include all those involved) of us were able to walk away without any assistance. I know God was in my Yukon with us, holding on to each of us as the vehicle was slammed from the rear and forced to hit the Suburban in front of us. I am so very thankful that I had so many of my family right there and ready to help us out.

We were on our way to Church, going early to go to Manna & More to have lasagna. Cake for dessert. Then Mattie May was going to bible class and Katie and I were going to HIP. I love Wednesday nights. HIP is my midweek pick-me-up! We were talking and laughing. This was a good day!
God is my copilot. I know because we all are safe. Sore but safe. I can do so many things that other victims of drunk drives can't. I got to call Frank and tell him my car was crashed. I GOT TO CALL HIM. I am sore from being jostled around in the car. I AM SORE. I got to wrap my arms around Mattie May and tell her everything was going to be OK. I GOT TO HUG MATTIE MAY. Katie rode in an ambulance to the hospital because her back was hurting. HER BACK WAS HURTING. I got to walk around the cars to look at all the damage. I GOT TO WALK.




Those are all simple things, things I sometimes take for granite, things that are all so simple, things that are daily blessings. So many people don't get to do these things after being in an accident. Anything could have been just a little bit different and the outcome could have been devastating. I thank God that we are all OK.

I am angry with the girl. Angry that she put my family at risk. Angry that she wrecked my car.
But I am still sad for her. Because of one small choice she made, her life is changed. There is no going back. No do overs! I pray for her for many different things. I pray that she had someone to call when they took her to jail. I pray that she has a loved one she can hug when she realizes how many things could have been different. I pray that this is her first offense and that she learned her lesson. I pray that she never does this again.

We all went to the hospital to be check out and we are all OK. Sore but OK. And I must be getting over my made. I keep thinking of her in that jail cell. I keep thinking that she must be grieving over making such a poor choice. I keep thinking of how sore she must be and uncomfortable she will be on that yucky bed tonight. But we are all alive. All because God is my copilot and He watches out for us.

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Julie said...

Oh my word! So glad you're okay!!

I feel the same way about drinking and driving - if a person wants to take his life in his own hands, FINE. Please don't get me involved in your apparent death wish!

Praying for you and your family, as well as the woman who hit your car...maybe this experience will be enough for her to realize how dangerous her actions were.