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Monday, August 23, 2010

All is well

Today Frank went in for his one week check up from his surgery. Good news and bad of course. Good news is he is healing very well. He is still not having any pain. The doctor told him to stay home another week then three weeks of light duty when he goes back to work.

And that is also the bad news. Another week off for him and I think I may have to take him to the funny farm! He is not one for sitting around and doing nothing. It is driving him crazy that he can't do more. Even with satellite TV he is at his wits end. Even the fishing channel is getting boring to him! Since this day is almost over, I reminded him he is now only looking at four more days!

Today Mattie May went for her first ever Meet the Teacher. She was so excited. She is ready to start school (Pre-K, but she doesn't want to go to day care! LOL). I just love the honesty of children but we really need to work with her on her manners! She told one mom, who is pregnant, that she is fat! Oh My! I think we will have to have a brush up on our manners tonight over dinner!

I am expecting tears in the morning, but I am prepared! I bought a brand new box of tissue... for Katie! Yes, she will be the one shedding tears in the morning, not Mattie May!

Frank and I will get to be in on all the 1st day activities so I hope to post some pictures tomorrow after my mom's eye surgery! So for today - Happy first day of school to you!

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