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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Her First First Day of School

Oh, wow! I can't believe it! My sweet little grandbaby started school yesterday! Pre-K. She is not old enough to go to Kindergarten but she did qualify for Pre-K. We were so excited! She LOVES all her teachers/caregivers at day care, but she was ready for the classroom. Unlike her momma, I believe this child will love school. So through the tears and tissue, we made it through!

At first, she didn't want to get out of bed, but when we reminded her what day it was,

she was up and smiling, ready to go!

She usually just has a "snack" at home and eats breakfast at daycare.
No more of that! Breakfast before school starts now!

After breakfast, she got dressed, we fixed her hair (in her signature dog ears no less!), brushed teeth and ready to start the day.
I love the "Elvis" smile in this one!

Buckled in the car. Her last ride as a preschooler.

Poor Grumpy was always at work when her mommy started school, but he got to enjoy his Mattiebugs first day.

The obligatory pose at the door step picture!

"Lolo! Wait! I have to bow."

Mommy filling out last minute paperwork, but Mattie May just can't wait to get started.

Officially a school girl!

Showing her teacher and teachers aide her "flashy" backpack.
(it really does have lights that flash in it!)

Getting started. Writing her name on the top of the page.
Her Teachers
Mrs. Torres and Ms Sarah (in green).
She looks happy to me!

You say to me "But you mentioned tears and tissue. We don't see either!"
I never said Mattie May shed a single tear!
Mom on the other hand had a hard time.
She didn't want any proof, but I tried!

I know every one's first days (M & K) weren't quite what they were hoping for, but I know things will get better. Here's to this school year being the best ever!

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Trina said...

What an angel!!! I know she will take after her "aunts on the Sims side and LOVE school.