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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First, First Soccer Practice August 30 2010

This should have been posted last week to continue Mattie May's week of first, but oh well! Lolo gets behind sometimes! On Monday she had her first, first soccer practice. Katie took my camera and she and Grumpy stayed for the fun. I went home to get supper done so we could keep her schedule as best as possible.

It was a fantastic August day in west Texas, beautiful blue sky's and just a little wind.

Mattie May was ready even though she had just gotten out of karate, she was ready to go play soccer. I guess we forgot to explain to her what it meant to "practice"!
But she was ready none the less.
There was absolutely nothing that could distract this kid!

Focus! That was the plan! Focus on the ball..

Really staying focused on the ball!
Nothing could distract her, not even the practice cones

Well, OK! Maybe the practice cones!
Now, on to some kicking drills.
Uh, Mattie May, kick it with your foot! It's soccer, we don't use our hands!

Getting a little personal instruction from the coach.

Well at least she has the waiting her turn part down.

She has another practice Thursday and her first game on Saturday. I hope her coach has lots of patients. I think she's going to need it!

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