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Monday, August 30, 2010

Continuing with Another First

This past week, Mattie May started school. You can read all about that here. And we finished the week with another first, she went to her first Texas Rangers baseball game. It was a lot of fun. (Please note that I forgot my camera, so the following pictures are from Frank's, Makaley's and my cell phone cameras.)

We had to take a picture as soon as we got in the hotel.
(In the window of course!)

Then she had to check out the bed!

We finally headed out to the Ballpark at Arlington.
We rode a trolley from the hotel to the stadium.
Kauy and Mattie May were having a blast.

Grumpy and Mattie May played some games,
got some tattoos,

and posed for some pictures for Lolo.

She fell in love with this window. Look how high she is
and it looks like she is standing outside.
(This is in the restroom!)

We found our seats.

then a picture with Mommie and Makaley.

Then she got some cotton candy!
(Frank took this picture. Isn't it great?)

Then he changed it back to color!
Duck lips!

WOW! Those are some blue lips!

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel.
Then we headed to Grumpy's favorite store,
Bass Pro Shops!
Naming the fish.
She is getting pretty good at this!

She had to show us a few things to add to her Christmas list!

A little camping with some friends.

Practicing getting to weigh in.
(She plans on being the first woman to
win the Bassmaster Championship!)

She loves this crazy shark.

Grumpy decided she needed to do some kayaking.

Then back to the fish tank.
An albino catfish

Then we did some shopping at Grapevine Mills mall.
She got so tired she just couldn't hold her head up any more.

From here we went to visit Ralph and then headed home. It was a great weekend even though we were just gone overnight. We look forward to our next trip to this area and hope to make it to the zoo next time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Her First First Day of School

Oh, wow! I can't believe it! My sweet little grandbaby started school yesterday! Pre-K. She is not old enough to go to Kindergarten but she did qualify for Pre-K. We were so excited! She LOVES all her teachers/caregivers at day care, but she was ready for the classroom. Unlike her momma, I believe this child will love school. So through the tears and tissue, we made it through!

At first, she didn't want to get out of bed, but when we reminded her what day it was,

she was up and smiling, ready to go!

She usually just has a "snack" at home and eats breakfast at daycare.
No more of that! Breakfast before school starts now!

After breakfast, she got dressed, we fixed her hair (in her signature dog ears no less!), brushed teeth and ready to start the day.
I love the "Elvis" smile in this one!

Buckled in the car. Her last ride as a preschooler.

Poor Grumpy was always at work when her mommy started school, but he got to enjoy his Mattiebugs first day.

The obligatory pose at the door step picture!

"Lolo! Wait! I have to bow."

Mommy filling out last minute paperwork, but Mattie May just can't wait to get started.

Officially a school girl!

Showing her teacher and teachers aide her "flashy" backpack.
(it really does have lights that flash in it!)

Getting started. Writing her name on the top of the page.
Her Teachers
Mrs. Torres and Ms Sarah (in green).
She looks happy to me!

You say to me "But you mentioned tears and tissue. We don't see either!"
I never said Mattie May shed a single tear!
Mom on the other hand had a hard time.
She didn't want any proof, but I tried!

I know every one's first days (M & K) weren't quite what they were hoping for, but I know things will get better. Here's to this school year being the best ever!

Monday, August 23, 2010

All is well

Today Frank went in for his one week check up from his surgery. Good news and bad of course. Good news is he is healing very well. He is still not having any pain. The doctor told him to stay home another week then three weeks of light duty when he goes back to work.

And that is also the bad news. Another week off for him and I think I may have to take him to the funny farm! He is not one for sitting around and doing nothing. It is driving him crazy that he can't do more. Even with satellite TV he is at his wits end. Even the fishing channel is getting boring to him! Since this day is almost over, I reminded him he is now only looking at four more days!

Today Mattie May went for her first ever Meet the Teacher. She was so excited. She is ready to start school (Pre-K, but she doesn't want to go to day care! LOL). I just love the honesty of children but we really need to work with her on her manners! She told one mom, who is pregnant, that she is fat! Oh My! I think we will have to have a brush up on our manners tonight over dinner!

I am expecting tears in the morning, but I am prepared! I bought a brand new box of tissue... for Katie! Yes, she will be the one shedding tears in the morning, not Mattie May!

Frank and I will get to be in on all the 1st day activities so I hope to post some pictures tomorrow after my mom's eye surgery! So for today - Happy first day of school to you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mattie May's Merry Musings - Summer Swim Addition

I know! I have been away from this blog for far to long. I get in my head that no one but me wants to hear the cute and funny things that Mattie May does so I don't post. Then I get mad at myself because I forget one very important thing - this is my blog to document the cute and funny things Mattie May says as she is growing up and I want to remember them even if no one else does. So I hope to keep that in mind next time. So bear with me for the next 20 or 30 years as I continue to keep up with my growing grand daughter.

This past Monday, Katie and I decided it would be fun to have a picnic at the pool with Mattie May. Frank was out of town and even though he has been going to the pool with us more often, he is not real fond of sandwiches for supper because he has one for lunch almost every day. Katie and I met at the house to fix the sandwiches, pack them all up and get our swim suits. Then off we went.

Mattie May is just a little fish and although we haven't put her in formal lessons as of yet, is learning to swim underwater on her own. Just last week, she popped her head out right in front of Frank and yelled "I saw where you were Grumpy!" That's right, she learned on her own that she could open her eyes underwater and still see!

On Monday, she was swimming around as usual and bumped into a little girl about her age that she hadn't met before. They ended up having a great time together. But all of the sudden the little girl disappeared. About the time Mattie May asked us where she had gone, we spotted her. She was running out of the restroom towards her mom with her swimsuit around her knees! Bless her heart! As we all know, a wet swimsuit is very difficult to get back in place after you go to...well, you know. We were talking to her mom and giggling when Katie looked over at Mattie May. She had seen what her friend did, and she had her suit down to her waist trying to get it the rest of the way down while she was still in the water. Of course Lolo (me) got tickled and this just made it harder for Katie to get the suit back up where it belonged. She would get one strap in place as Mattie May was taking the other off! Finally, Katie just turned Mattie May toward her and explained that we were at a public pool and we couldn't go around in our birthday suits.

And Mattie May? Well her response was "But Mommie! I am just trying to create myself!"

That's when everyone around us really started laughing. Katie just pulled Mattie May closer giving her a great big hug and laughing as she made her get dressed!

Gotta love that kid!