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Friday, March 4, 2011

February First

This was a slow month but went by way to fast. If the year doesn't slow down, Christmas will be here before you know it!

February 1st we woke up to one of the worst ice/snow storms we've seen in this area. Mattie May had her first snow day. Actually, it was a snow week. They called off school from Feb. 1 thru Feb. 4. Abilene ISD has a policy of not announcing a snow day until the morning of school, but for the last two days of the week they announced them the night before. That is how bad is was around here. I was sick for most of it and spent my time trying to get well. On Wednesday, Frank was even told to stay home from work. He was still on call, but didn't have to get out in it.

Our church had Daddy/Daughter Date Night on February 18. Of course Frank took her and you can read about that here.

Frank also had a first this month. On the 19th he went on a hunt for axis deer. He came home with a nice doe that filled our freezer and that is always nice.

The end of February brought more sickness to our house. Mattie May had a fever of 103.3 Wednesday night Feb. 23. This was just the start of her first bought of the flu. Yuk! She made it through and will tell you the worst part of it all was the nasty medicine she had to take. But because she took it, she got a bow and arrow set and a new movie. Yes, sometimes you just have to use a bribe!

God Bless!

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