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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Otherwise Known As...

Last night was Daddy/Daughter Date Night at church. But in our house, we called it Grumpy/Mattie May Date Night.

One of Mattie May's best friends at church is Jackie and her daddy, Brandon, works with Frank. They decided that since date night was going to be a "tea" that they should take the girls to eat before they went to the church building. Chili's was the restaurant of choice and they met about 5:45, an hour before the tea.

At church, there were several different projects planned for them. My favorite was the photo frame that Mattie May decorated and then a picture of the two of them was inserted. I love it!

There were also some prayers and blessings for the little girls. Frank said it was all very good and he is ready for next year.

We took a few pictures before they left the house. If your one of my FB friends, you've already seen them, sorry.

Not only did he remember his mother-in-law's birthday this week, he remembered to order Mattie May a corsage for her "first date"! He is totally awesome!

My two sweeties!

They finally see eye to eye! LOL

My precious little ham.

She loves this dress. She calls it her wedding dress.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And to those that have a holiday Monday just know I am very jealous!

God Bless!

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