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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mattie May's Excellent Disney Adventure - Day Eight

I almost forgot to post today. I've been busy. My PhotoPass CD's came in last week and tonight is the first night I have had to play with them. I decided to use one to update my blog header. What do you think? This is one of the Magic Photo's that the photographer took. I love them! They pose you and you don't know how the picture will look until you pull them up!

Mattie May and Tinker Belle. What a combination.

This was our last day in Florida. I have two pictures that I think really sum this day up.
This is the first.
No one wants vacation to end. We didn't have to catch the bus to the airport until 4:20, but we had to be out of our room by 11:00. We got all packed up and took our luggage to baggage check before we headed to breakfast.

We ended up with some meals on our food plan and they had to be used. Nothing worse than not using what we had paid for. We took a chance on Chef Mickey's. We didn't have reservations but we didn't last time either. We had to wait about 5 minutes for a seat.

By now, Mattie May was pretty good at talking with the cast members. We had a great waitress and Mattie May was talking to her about what fun week she had and that she really didn't want to go home. The next time the waitress came to our table, she brought Mattie May another birthday cupcake! "Every birthday trip should end happy!" How sweet was that?!
Some creative photography using my iPhone.

We spent the day riding Mattie May's favorite rides, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mad Tea Party, Dumbo Flying Elephants, and of course one more go on "it's a small world".

We also had one more full service meal we had to use. We took a chance at The Crystal Palace hoping to get to eat with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends (we hadn't seen them all week!) No luck this time. Oh well, Frank was hoping for a pizza anyway so we headed to Tony's Town Square. Just a short ten minute wait and we were in. Frank had his pizza and Mattie May was finally served off of a Mickey plate! All was well with the world!

After lunch we had time for some shopping. We had some ears we needed to get for friends and family back home. The ear store and candy shop were just up Main street. While we were shopping, we noticed they were getting ready for a parade. We made our purchases and went out to get a place to watch. The parade was great but as soon as it was over we had to get to the bus.

Picture two to wrap up our day. She is realizing we are leaving and is NOT a very happy camper!
Just look at that face. Tired and sad. I felt just like her. I called Mom to let her know we were leaving and could hardly talk trying to fight back tears! It was nothing that one more Mickey Mouse ice cream couldn'tt fix. We all had one to lift our spirits and finished just in time to bored the bus and get to the airport.

We had spent an entire week in January in short sleeves and sunshine only to get off the plane at DFW to almost freezing temperatures.

We had a great time and made memories that will last us a lifetime. We have already started planning and saving for our return trip!

Walt Disney Resort truly is
"The Happiest Place on Earth!"
God Blees!

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