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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to the First Firsts

Whew - Holidays. trips, sickness... I think I've posted on all of that. If you think back to before all those things, you'll remember I said I had some more first firsts that I needed to get posted. Some of them are almost five months old, but I still want to get them down so I will remember them.

October 9, Mattie May had two first firsts.

She had her first professional hair style. We had a very special event later in the day and I just knew I wouldn't be able to make her hair look decent. Thank goodness my best friend is a hair stylist. Michelle curled and pinned and twisted and sprayed and got her hair looking great!

Isn't she precious? She looks sad in this picture but was actually very happy, she was just afraid to move. LOL! She didn't want to mess up her hair.

Look at those curls! I don't imagine she will ever have them like that again!

And the other first first? For the first time she was a flower girl in Lindsey and Matt's wedding! She had a good time and looked just adorable. Here is one of the pre-wedding pictures -

And the wedding - well just look...

She and Caleb look so cute! The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Lindsey and Diane planned a beautiful ceremony and God gave us great weather and some special guest - the monarch butterflies. They were flying every where. It was hard to keep your eyes off of them. It was a wonderful night.

More first first tomorrow,

God Bless!

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