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Friday, February 25, 2011

First First for December

Well, there are not many things new a young child can do in December once they have enjoyed their first Christmas. And because Mattie May has been in day care since she was a baby, she has had parties at school to celebrate. Her first first this year is her first school party. It was a really great party. Katie or I could neither get off work to help with the party, but Frank was off work and he gladly stepped in to help. I guess you could say this was his first school Christmas party too. What a great guy/grandfather/hubby/dad!

They had sandwiches, veggie trays, and chips for lunch, cookies and cupcakes for dessert.
And Frank was right there helping.
Cute gloves!
That's a lot of food for 24 four year olds!
Yummy lunch with friends.

But before lunch and the gift exchange, the students gave a little performance. They started before I got there, but Frank caught some of it on video for me. You know Mattie May can be a little shy sometimes, but see if you can pick her out in this video.

HAHAHA! She is such a ham! I guess that's better than her being shy and not wanting to be up there. Love that kid!
(Technical Problems: I can not get the video to load. But I will tell you, she is certainly the "center" of attention in it. I will try again later to get it to load)

That afternoon when we got the mail, there was a special envelope for her. It was from an address we weren't familiar with.
It was her first letter from Santa Clause, all the way from the north pole. It wasn't just a letter, it had all sorts of goodies in it. She was so excited. We were able to put most of the things away to save for her later. But maybe she'll get another letter next year.

I'm catching up with our first first. Tomorrow I will be going through January. WOW! It seems like I've had a few things to say about that month.

God Bless!

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