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Thursday, February 24, 2011

November First First

The first weekend in November found Mattie May, Katie and I with some free time. Katie remembered about Kids Workshop at Home Depot and we thought Mattie May might enjoy it. And we were right.
Wearing her apron just like Lolo and Mommie used to.

She glued...
and hammered...
and glued and hammered some more until she finished her
nice little spice rack.

The following weekend found us on the way to Midland for her first karate tournament. We didn't know what to expect from the tournament or from her because this was actually a first for all of us. It was a lot of fun. She participated in kata demo, kata and sparring. Kata demo was first and I think I was the most nervous of any of us. She had never done this and I was afraid she would freeze, goof off, cry, or any other number of things we've seen children do when they perform for the first time.

I was very pleasantly surprised. She got out there and looked like a pro. As a matter of fact, the two women standing next to me asked how long she had been doing tournaments and couldn't believe this was her first. And when they asked how long she had been in karate almost called me a liar when I told them just over two months! I thought she was amazing.

She didn't place in anything but just the fact that she was out there trying after such a short time of learning was enough for me.
All her "awards" for participation. She was happier about
Po as anything else.
I missed the kick, but you see the result.
Getting some encouragement from the sidelines.
She has since worked her way up to purple belt and will be going to her next tournament this weekend. This time she will be in kata, sparring, and breaking. I can't wait. She is doing a great job and learning something new every day. And most days we still have trouble getting her to leave the dojo. Maybe they'll move a cot in there for her!

Tomorrow, December!

God Bless!

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