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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mattie May's Excellent Disney Adventure - Day Six

Magic Kingdom! Yeah! All day - start to finish! We had so much fun.

Most of the morning was spent waiting. As we were going to the park, Katie went ahead of us and got in line for Rapunzel and Flint Ryder. She checked her watch - 9:45. She was in the 12:00 PM line! Oh yeah! everyone wanted to see Rapunzel. Her movie was released right around Thanksgiving, so even some of the little girls that had been to MK before, probably hadn't got to see Rapunzel.

While Katie waited, Frank went to some ride to get our FastPass (I don't remember which one) and Mattie May and I walked around a bit. We walked to the other side of Cinderella's castle and saw Fairy Godmother.
We had to wait a bit for her too, but that was OK. It kept Mattie May from getting bored while just waiting in one line. Mattie May didn't seem to excited about seeing Rapunzel but she didn't ask not to. She just acted kind of weird. We couldn't really figure it out.

They finally let Mattie May's group in to see Rapunzel. This was one of the best waits we had. There was a large table (see in the picture below) and they handed the kids pictures and crayons. After they finished their pictures, they took them to their parents. They got instructions about Rapunzel and Flint Ryder coming out and then they were there. Mattie May was in the perfect spot, right next to Flint Ryder! Her eyes lit up. Just look at that face!She got to hold his hand and dance around with him. She was having fun. After the dance, all the kids got back in line with their parents and waited their turn for pictures. The photographers came around with Pascal to take pictures while we waited. She was really good and even got Frank to take his picture with the little guy! Mattie May finally got her turn with Rapunzel and Flint Ryder. This is when we figured out why she was not to thrilled to be waiting in line. She thought she was only going to see Rapunzel, just another princess. Her excitement came out when she saw Flint Ryder!!! Look how close she's standing to him. I think she only let go of his hand so he could sign her book. What a little flirt she is!!! Now that "chore" was done, we could go have fun. We road every ride in the park that we could. the only ones we didn't ride, Mattie May was to short. We walked, rode, laughed, ate, and watched shows all day. We also found some places to take pictures.

I want one of these at home!!!
We ate lunch outside and Mattie May couldn't keep her eyes off the birds. She said it reminded her of being at the beach when their all around trying to get your food. I don't know how she did it, but Katie talked her into trying to feed the them. We gave her all our left over french fries and hamburger buns, stood her in the middle of the walk way and stepped back and waited.

We didn't have to wait long! She was laughing so hard she could hardly hold her hands up. I managed to get one of the birds flying off. I don't know what makes me laugh more, her face or the lady walking behind her! There were lots of people looking at her. Some of them looked at us like we were crazy for letting her do that but most laughed right along with us! I looked around but never found any signs telling us not to feed the birds and no cast members ever asked us to stop, so we let her stand there until she ran out of fries.

I don't know how many rides we rode or shows we saw, but I do know I was glad to see the sun getting lower in the sky! We decided to grab a snack to eat while we waited on the fireworks. On the way we saw Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen. They were great! And Mattie May really warmed up to them too even though she was extremely tired. She was the last one in line and they really spent a lot of time with her. We found a spot exactly where we wanted for the fireworks and enjoyed our snack. Mattie May kept saying she wanted to watch them from the hotel, but we knew if we stayed, she would get a big surprise from someone she loves. Luckily, we didn't have to wait long.

Now, I can't tell you what the surprise was, because I have cousins that are going in May and I don't want to spoil it for their girls. If you, have been (thanks Lindsey!) , I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Frank and I have seen MANY fireworks shows in our lives, but WDW tops them all. Every night they do amazing shows. Next time, I'm going to remember to see how long they actually last! The little kid in me came out every night and I sat in awe of what I was watching.

We walked back to the room, got our showers and hit the sack. Well, Frank and Mattie May did! Katie and I hit the laundry room! But it wasn't too much later until we joined them back in the room and I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!

Day Seven tomorrow and back to MK for Fairies and Pooh friends ending with EPCOT and Nemo!!! Whew!!! I'm tired just remembering as I type!!!

God Bless!!

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