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Monday, February 21, 2011

Quiet Weekend

Hello Monday!

I had a truly quiet weekend this past weekend and it was nice...for about five minutes! I do miss my family when they are gone. I think it's this only child thing I've had going on all my life. I don't really like being alone. But it happens sometimes and I try to enjoy it.

Friday night, was Daddy/Daughter Date night. I wrote about that in my last post. I think they both enjoyed themselves.

Saturday was when the quiet really set in. Frank went hunting axis deer with some friends and didn't come back until Sunday. Katie spent the day with friends and Mattie May was spending time with her daddy's family. It was just me and the dog, and he spent the weekend outside enjoying the sunshine. So really, it was just me. Thank goodness for the noise of the television.

What did I do? Well, there is always laundry to be done. I can't imagine having more than four people in a house. People that do, their laundry piles must be enormous because mine are pretty large.

I also spent a lot of time at the computer. OK, really I spent all of my time at the computer. Last week my picture CD's from Disney came in plus I had pictures from Mattie May's belt test last Saturday that needed to be cleaned up. After I got those finished and prints ordered, I got back to work on our Disney scrapbook.

Scrapblog has merged with Mixbook and I am having a hard time with the changes. I had gotten real good at putting my layouts together in SB. I seem to be having a hard time getting the new stuff down. I think the one thing I miss the most about SB is the free hand cropping tool. I have so many things I wanted to use to make my own stickers for this book and now I can't do them. It had me down for a bit, but I moved on to something different - making a movie!

Traci made a movie for our grandmother's 90th birthday out of old pictures and home movies and videos. I had always wanted to try it but never took the time. As I was playing around with something on the computer, I found all the information she had sent me and decided to get to work. I have fallen in love! I hope to get it finished this week. I think making movies is going to be my next full time project. I can't wait to get some old pictures from Mom and see what I can do with those.

The only thing I really need now other than time just to get it finished, is music. Disney music. I don't have any CDs that are just Disney music and I would love to have that as my background for my movie. I found a lot on iTunes, but it will cost me a fortune if that is what I decided to do. Mattie May will have a lot of tunes on my iPhone to listen to if I end up going that route. If any one out there has some CDs of Disney music that I could borrow, please let me know! I would be greatly appreciated.

This coming weekend won't be so quiet for us. Tournament season starts! Fishing and karate. Mattie May has a karate tournament in Duncanville this Saturday. She is ready for it. Sunday, Frank and I have a fishing tournament at O.H. Ivie. I am ready for that too! We are definitely going to be rushed going to both, but that's OK.

Also, Sunday, my family is getting together to celebrate Mattie B's 95th birthday! WOW! She is such a very special lady to all of us. She is a February 28 baby and was born in a leap year! Thank goodness she came on the 28th! Because we will be fishing, I may talk Frank into taking two vehicles so I can enjoy the celebration. Mom says that I shouldn't worry about it, but it isn't everyday your grandmother turns 95! I am so blessed to have her, not every 48 year old can say their grandmother is still with them!

Until tomorrow,

God Bless!

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