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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mattie May's Excellent Disney Adventure - Day Seven

Day Seven found us back at Magic Kingdom, because that's what Mattie May wanted to do and this was her trip after all. As much as we had been enjoying our trip, this was the first day I actually felt relaxed. We only had one set of autographs to get and we knew right where we needed to be and when, so we just had fun.

Mattie May of course headed back to the tea cups! This time we rode in separate cups. Frank and I could really get ours to spinning this time!

We went to Winnie the Pooh's and had a little visit.

And had tea with Minnie Mouse! Love the decor in her home!

I don't have pictures of all this, but right after this picture is when we got to see the fairies. They told us Tinker Belle would definitely be there but not who the other two would be. The area you go in to wait for these characters is separated into two lines, one side fairies one side princesses. She already had all the princess signatures and her goal today was fairies! The line was pretty long but we felt it was moving pretty fast. They have monitors set up to watch clips of movies while your waiting and Katie and I really didn't notice the time. After a while my phone rang and it was Frank (he was waiting on a bench outside). He asked me if we were OK or if there was some sort of problem. No, we were fine just waiting, why was he asking me this? He said he kept seeing all these people go in after us and they had already started coming out, what was taking us so long? Katie and I started laughing, he didn't know there were two separate lines because he had stayed outside and all the people he was seeing were the ones going into see the princesses!!

We finally made our way in to see the fairies, Rosetta, Tinker Belle, and to Katie's delight, Vidia! Katie and Vidia have a lot in common. They both cause a lot of trouble!!! LOL

From here we just enjoyed the rest of the day, doing whatever Mattie May wanted.

Frank & Katie Flying with Dumbo!

After dark, we remembered there was one show we had not seen at EPCOT and it was now or never!! We caught the monorail over and once there, headed straight to see Turtle Talk with Crush. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! Trina and Traci had told us that whatever we did not to miss this show. We had no idea what to expect but they were so very right! This is so fun! Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo is on a movie screen but he interacts with the audience. It is so much fun! Katie and Mattie May both got to talk to him. Frank and I were sitting there enjoying the show and then realized we should have been recording! Ugh!!! We tried to get the phones going but it didn't turn out very well. Oh well. I don't think we will forget it!

Frank, Mattie May and Bruce

"Fish are friends not food!"

After Turtle Talk we walked around and enjoyed watching the divers checking out the aquarium. They kept swimming by Mattie May and waving at her. I think she thought they were there just for her enjoyment.

Mattie May found Nemo!

Then it was time to head back to our room and get packed and ready to leave on Friday. I leave you today with Frank and Mattie May's impression of Crush. Dude- until tomorrow! LOL

God Bless!

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