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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two Dreaded S's!

Ugh! Last Monday (Jan 31) I woke up sick! I hate being sick. I was sick enough to not go to work! That is not how I like to start my week.

Then on Tuesday (Feb 1) we were snowed in! I was still sick and to top it off with snow and ice, well, I was just miserable. The snow and ice were so bad they canceled school for 4 days. I don't remember that ever happening. It was bad enough that Katie's office was closed.

On Wednesday (Feb 2) Frank was told to stay home on call! THAT'S BAD ROADS! AEP wanted as few people out on the roads as possible. I figured if the roads were bad enough for him to stay home there was certainly no reason for me to venture out especially when I still wasn't hat 100%.

I felt bad enough all week that I didn't even turn on my computer!

Yesterday (Feb 7) I played catch up all day at work. So now I am a week behind on my blogging. I still have four days to finish out our trip to Disney. But I am better now and getting caught up at work so hopefully tomorrow I will start getting caught up on my blog.

Although, tonight the low is to be 16*! Argh! I am ready for spring! It is supposed to snow/rain/sleet or something, but it is not supposed to be as bad as it was last week so hopefully I won't get any further behind. I still have so much to share!

Until later, God Bless!

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