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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tumbleweed Karate Championships, Abilene 04.15 & 16.11

The weekend we had so looked forward to has come and gone, and quite quickly for that matter. It seems we just got started and it was over. The weekend started out Friday night at the dojo. Mattie May had continuous sparring and breaking.

There were only three in her division for sparring so she had a bye in the first round (Yeah!). She met up with Rayven for the final round. I still haven't decided if this was a good thing or bad thing. She and RayRay practice together all the time but don't usually meet in at tournaments because Mattie May is a beginner and Rayven is in advanced. So it was good for MayMay to actually have to compete against her, but I don't think she (MayMay) could actually seperate that this was competition and she was pretty distracted.

She had pretty good form...

But Rayven was better.
She got second place in continuous sparring with Rayven getting first. Yeah to both of them!!!

Then is was on to breaking. She was entered in first time breaker and foot stomp and hand break.

First time breakers was first, followed by hand break and foot stomp (pictures soon)
She got first in hand break (hammer fist) and second in foot stomp.

She walked away with four trophies for the night. Saturday was at Sears Park Recreation Center. It was a long day. forms was first.
(The following 3 photos were taken with my iPhone and edited with Instagram)

She has been working on her horse stance and it does look much better. And look at those thumbs! Right where they are supposed to be!

Thumbs still good and look at that concentration!

And check out this split! Looking good MayMay!!

But all that work and no prize. She is getting better and better. Once we get that kata down, we are going to start working on entering and exiting the ring and on the introduction. Small pieces at a time. I hope I have the patients!

It was another tough day on the sparring mat. She was up against a girl she has fought before and has beaten. She was ahead of her too, but she came from behind and knocked Mattie May out in the first round. That little girl went on to fight for first but I'm not sure how she did.

After such a long day, Lolo decided that Mattie May needed a treat. We snuck out of the house and to the nail salon where I treated her to a manicure and pedicure. Isn't she just a doll?!

So we will continue to work on Mattie May's form and her technique in the ring. I know it will all come together and I am the only one that seems to not have the patients to wait. I know she is only five and has not even been doing this for a year, but i am afraid if she doesn't start winning she will lose interest. I want her to be involve in this for a long time!!

Her next tournament isn't until May but she is still busy working at the dojo. This Saturday, Team Abilene is doing a demo during half time of the Abilene Ruff Riders football game. Then next week she is going to do a creative breaking demo at church for our talent show. Busy, busy, busy. But God has blessed us with the time and her the ability to do this. And she is just so darn cute when she is out there!

God Bless!

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