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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To Glorify God with the Talent He Gave Each of Us

I have been working very hard to get some pictures ready to post of all the fun we have been having lately, but because we have been having so much fun, I am getting behind.

This past Saturday, our church had a talent show. I am so glad they did! This was not a show for boasting, but rather to show the many and different talents God has given the children in our congregation, we want to teach them how to use those gifts to glorify God. Not only did the children display their talents on stage, many had the opportunity to show art and photography. There was scripture reading, comedy, piano, cultural dances, puppetry, acting, singing and a couple of martial artist.

Mattie May was so excited and I must say she did very well. She was scheduled to go second, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, she went first. The coordinators were a little worried she would be nervous, but as you can see by the video, they were the only ones worried. (Turn up your volume, it is kind of hard to hear. And its fuzzy! Taken with Katie's iPhone)

UPDATE: 05.04.11 I redid the video! It is a bit longer and much clearer!

I love the collective sounds from the audience as she breaks her first board.

At the first where she is showing her self defense, each time she is running away, she is supposed to be yelling "Help! Help! This is not my mommy! Call 911!" That is a very important part of her stranger danger. And other than her looking down at the plug during her kata, I think she did great. I do believe she was the youngest participant and I hope that because of that she will encourage other members her age to participate next year.

Thank you Shihan Fields for helping her put it all together, She couldn't have done it without you. And thank you Clark for taking the video. I know you would have rather been sitting in your seat watching instead of on the floor with me.

God Bless!

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