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Monday, May 9, 2011

Texas Cotton Belt 05/07/11

It had been two weeks since Mattie May's last tournament and she was ready to go. We took off early Friday so we would arrive in Mesquite early enough to hit the indoor pool. She wanted to get in as soon as we got out of the car, she didn't care that she didn't have on her new suit yet! I love indoor pools but this one was a bit disappointing. It wasn't heated! Yes it has been quite warm lately, but not warm enough to get in a cold pool! We stayed in until her lips were completely purple, then dipped in the hot tub to warm up before we headed to the room. By the time Grumpy made it back with our food, she was bathed and ready to eat.

We had a great nights sleep and a good breakfast before heading to Forney for the tournament.

This was a great tournament at the Forney Sports Center. Even though privately owned, I wish every person in Abilene could see what a wonderful place this is. I image it to be exactly what we missed out on from last years vote for a sports complex. It is a great place with lots room for different events, such as karate tournaments.

We arrived in plenty of time for some stretching and relaxing before she had to get ready for her kata. As the kids started lining up, we soon realized that Mattie May was going to go last again (YES!). It makes the wait longer but works out better for her. Remember, I explained that in this post. But is is getting better at the waiting part. She has made a few friends from Midland/Odessa and she enjoys watching them. And Alexis was at this tournament too, so she had several friends to watch this time.

It was finally her turn and she made the most of being last. She is still not as strong as the the other competitors but she is learning with each practice and tournament.

I just love this shot. I can see the power coming from that little mouth as she shouts "ACE".

And look at the concentration in this one. Hands are in great position, both legs straight. I also like the judge behind her. You can tell she is concentrating on the moves.

And the end. Everything looks good, and you can "see" the power of her voice as she completes her kata. (Not sure how they judged the toe on her right foot. LOL)

And she finally has her named called! She won her first trophy for kata. Third place. Again, the expression on that face! She was so happy!!

And here she is with her trophy.
Little stinker! She raised that above her head on her own. I think think she has been watching too many championships with Grumpy! LOL

There was no waiting between events at this tournament. As soon as we were finished taking pictures, she has to get her sparring gear on.

This is right before her first round. Can we say attitude? She was full of it on Saturday!

She had been so strong in sparring, but ever since this tournament, she has just been shying away.

She was in the last pair to fight in her division. I know this little girl has been at almost the same tournaments as Mattie May and always in the same division, but I think this is the first time they have been paired together.
It definitely was not a good day on the sparring mat. She lost in the first round. But the good thing was, she was finished around 11:30! I don't think she has ever been finished that soon!

We let her play on the bounce houses for awhile, then we headed out to find some fuel and food. It was a great tournament and we are looking forward to the next one.

I want to thank Mike for letting me use his camera this weekend. I learned a lot with it and now I want a new one! I think I will tell all my family just to give me money anytime they want to give me a gift and maybe I will be able to save up for a new one!

This weekend we head to Houston for the Houston International Karate Championships in Spring. We don't normally travel that far, but this tournament has breaking. This child loves to break and there aren't many tournaments that have it. It will be nice because we will hopefully get to visit with some cousin's on Friday evening before we have to get settled in and asleep. And we are staying on Saturday night too, just because of the length of the drive. I try to give Frank a break every now and again!

God Bless!

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