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Monday, May 30, 2011

Belt Test 05-28-11 Green to Red

It has been a busy week, but it wasn't over yet.
Shihan had to squeeze a belt test in between tournaments,
and today was the day.
Even though it was on a Saturday,
still got to sleep in a bit because
it didn't start until 11:45,
thank goodness.

She's giving a little pre-test concert (hehehe)!

Three cutest kids in the dojo!

Shihan changed some more things in her kata,
so practicing one last time before
her test begins.

My Little Dragon green belt on last time!

Getting ranked up and ready to begin.

Stretches and warm up,

into the splits.

Attila the Hun fact review
(didn't know anything about Attila could be funny,
but she said something!),

(Yeah, she knows she did something cute!)

Dojo motto's,

stranger danger/self defense,

front roll,




and finish with breaking.

Off with the old...

...on with the new!

Must have a hug, a high five just won't do!

My Little Dragon Red Belt!

My favorite part of every class/test.

I'm hoping I get a shot like this for every belt test until she reaches black!
Just thirtysomething more to go!!!!

Seriously, what is up with always having to make a goofy face?!
LOL - Goobers!

Hope you all have a great rest of the three day weekend!

God Bless!

OH! Katie got a new job! Starts on Tuesday! Thanks for all your prayers!

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sophie foster said...

she looks so cute in that outfit! :)