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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mongoose Open Championships San Antonio 05-21-11

And a fun trip it was! We missed Grumpy on this trip. He stayed home to fish our TBC West region tournament and did well himself! We three girls left Friday afternoon. The drive was nice even though I was a bit uncomfortable. I "threw out my rib" as Dr. Ken put it, fixing my hair and coughing at the same time. But Katie really stepped up and did all the lifting of luggage and anything else I asked her. She really does take care of her momma when she needs too.

When we got checked into the hotel, we had to make a run to Target to pick up a few things and on the way back to the hotel Mattie May fell asleep, which meant Katie and I would have to wake up a little earlier than normal to get her a bath and ready for the tournament. We were a half a mile from the river walk and in a historic building. Katie later learned that we were staying in an old jail! Glad I didn't know that when our TV kept turning off! I might have been a little frightened! I'm used to working with Annie, but who knows what the ghost of a prisoner/jailer would be like! LOL

We had our usual breakfast at the hotel. Mattie May said she wasn't very hungry, so we packed a little extra with us just in case.

The gym was really nice with the seating in the upper section. We found a place on the floor where we could be closer to the rings/mats, but not sure where she was supposed to be. There were no ring assignments posted. We had to listen for her divisions to be called. Ugh, what a pain! Oh well, nothing we couldn't deal with!

Mattie May and Katie - - - waiting.

Mattie May sat very well and listened through the rules meeting, but the wait grew long as the black belts went through their competition. And the demo division didn't start until after that, which made for a very long day.
Mattie May and Rayven being themselves. Who knows what they are talking about.

Finally! Time to line up for kata. I think I counted 16 in her division.

Looking good! She was good and loud.

Coming down from her second rooster kick. They are looking better, but Lolo needs to work on her photography skills to get one in action instead of the end of it!

Good form. I love the concentration on her face.

Those splits are still getting better, but I'm not quite sure why she is leaning forward or why she looks like she is in pain.
She started strong and ended strong but had a few hesitations in the middle. We expected that. Shihan changed up her kata a little last week trying to make it a little more difficult, and it needs to be. It will stay as it is for a while then he'll add a bit more.

She didn't place in kata which is OK, I was just disappointed that her scores were so low, especially compared to the competitor whose instructor asked for permission to enter the ring to help! Oh yes, he sure did! And Mattie May's score was the same as his!
Oh well! Like the commercial says
"Live. Learn. Get Luvs!"

After a short break and a PBJ sandwich, it was on to sparring. Getting some last minute coaching from Shihan.
Eighteen kids in this division and Mattie May was in the next to the last pairing. This little boy was in the last pairing. I was wondering if she would have to fight him. We'll just have to wait and see.

Round One
I think she has met this boy before. I remember him but don't remember him fighting. They are ready to go.

Good kick, but still dropping her hands. She is moving her head though so she is not getting as many points lost to head shots. She got these points and went on to win her first round 5-0. I had to text Frank. He was sitting on pins and needles wanting to know how she was doing.

Round Two
Again, I remember this boy, I just can't remember her fighting him. He was a bout a head taller than her but she held her own. She won this round 12 - 7! Frank's text?
"Kool! Keep Kickin' Butt!"
He doesn't have a competitive bone in his body! LOL

Round Three
Now I know she hasn't fought this boy before. He was taller and heftier, but she walked out there with all the confidence in the world. She did great. Shihan was there and I was so glad. He had to stop the fight three times! Twice they wouldn't move them back to the middle ring at the break and Mattie May was in the corner. You can't set up in a corner without taking a chance on getting a foul for stepping out of bounds. The third time was for face contact. The head judge called face contact three times and the boy should have been disqualified on the third one. Shihan didn't realize that the second one wasn't counted.
So she lost this round 12 - 7.

So, do we think she should have fought for first and second - Yes
Are we biased Yes and No
Yes - 'cuz she's our Mattie May
No - 'cuz had the three face contacts been counted she would have advanced.
Did Mattie May try her best - Most Definitely!
She fought a fair fight and that is the best she can do.

Presentation of Winners
I love the look on her face. We knew she was getting third, but she didn't. I love how you can see the anticipation in her eyes.

And third place - - -
...Mattie May!

With her trophy

We are so very proud of this child. I talk about how she is improving every week, but there is a lot I don't say. She is learning the rules, and that some try to get around them or don't think they apply to them. She is learning sportsmanship, and that not everyone has it, especially adults. She is learning respect, respect for her fellow opponents, judges and the adult spectators that haven't actually figured it out yet. These are things that will follow her no matter what she decides to try to achieve in life. We get complements on her all the time.

I have more to tell about our weekend in San Antonio. We did more that just karate this trip.

This weekend we have a break from tournaments but not from karate. She has another belt test on Saturday. If she passes, she will be a little dragon red belt. I'm sure she will do fine. On Sunday she will be attending a friends birthday party at May Farm, her most favorite place in the world. On Monday - No School and No Work! Yes we have a three day weekend. Her next tournament is the first weekend in June in Austin. Back to the state capital! Yay!

God Bless!

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