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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Her Last First is Her First Last

Do you remember this picture?
It was posted just nine short months ago.
It was her first day of school- Pre-K.
Four years old.

Well since then, I have shared many firsts first with you -

First day of karate
First day of soccer
First Ranger baseball game
First school field trip
First soccer goal
First school pictures
First belt test
First time being a flower girl
First karate demo
First karate tournament
First letter from Santa
First school party
First plane ride
First trip to Disney
First puppy
First time with the flu
First date night
First sparring trophy
First pedicure
First breaking trophy
First talent show
First kata trophy
First first place trophy
First article in the newspaper.

Whew! I'm tired reliving all that!

Well today was her first last day of school. Yesterday they had graduation and today was the final day. She was happy but sad at the same time. She is ready for a short break, but she was really sad to tell Ms. Torres good-bye. She is retiring this year, but even with that, Mattie May still wouldn't see her any more because she will be at a different school next year.
She will be at either Austin or Taylor, we are just waiting to see if her transfer was approved. This year was spent at a school with children all her age. Next year, there will be Kindergarten through fifth grade at which ever school she attends. She will also miss the class room. This child loves to learn. But we have plenty of things for her to learn this summer.
She will also be attending karate camp every day.
She will have so much fun.
They work on karate but they also do fun things like swim, go to the zoo, go to movies, and yes there may even be a trip to six flags in there!

So here is her first last day of school picture!
Where did those dogs ears go?!

God Bless!

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