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Thursday, July 14, 2011

US Karate Championships, Mesquite 06-25-11

Oh, it is taking me so long to get caught up on these tournament posts! But I'm getting there.

If you read my blog much, you'll notice this is her first tournament after this incident! I'm still having trouble fixing her hair so it looks cute but stays out her face during competition, but just like these posts, I'm getting there.

This tournament in Mesquite was a fun one. Loved the location, very easy to get to and plenty of room to move around in. We started the day with our normal routine of breakfast at the hotel with lots of eggs, then it was off to the tournament.

The two doodle bugs waiting for kata to start.

Getting ready to bow in. She really is improving, but so are the others. Nice finish She tied for third and had to do her kata again to break the tie so we were pleased with a good 3rd place finish. It could have gone either way, but she prevailed this time. And we have a plan to help her continue to get stronger in her kata, but I'll address that a different day.

On to sparring.

First round, her friend Cameron from Midland. She fought a good round and when the two minutes were up
they were tied and it went to sudden death
and he got a really good kick on her and won. So another 3rd place finish. She had fun at this tournament with Rayven and Hazel. I'm still not sure what the teachers are going to do with these two next year! Both of their transfers were approved so the will be starting kindergarten together! YAY! Next tournament

The US Open in Orlando!

It's going to be fun!

Until then, God Bless!

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