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Monday, November 17, 2008

Katie Can't Cook!

If you know my daughter, you know she is not the most domestic person around. She doesn't clean, failed apparel, and in no shape form or fashion can that girl cook!! Thank goodness for frozen foods or she would starve if we weren't around!

I must admit, she comes by the cleaning part naturally, I don't either! But I do sew and Frank hasn't starved since we have been married. And since we are going on a quarter of a century, I must do something right in the kitchen.

I got to thinking about poor little Mattie May. If they ever move out, who will teach her to cook? I feel part of this responsibility falls to me. I did, after all, have two grandmothers that were both great cooks and I think I did pick up a few things from them. Don't believe me? Just ask anyone on either side of my family about MeMaw's chowchow and Mattie B's strawberry cake, just to name a couple of things. My mom is a good cook too! Can you say broccoli cheese casserole? And when it comes to biscuits & gravy and all things on the grill, my dad is the best!

So, anyway, I have been trying to find things Mattie May can do as we prepare supper in the evenings. She really is a big help. I think when she learns to read, she will be ready to really put something together on her own. And this got me to thinking, I love to take pictures and document all the things she does. I was putting together a scapblog of her making peanut butter cookies for the first time and the light bulb when off over my head. I am going to make her a scrapblog cookbook for her when she is older! What a great keepsake. I get to cook and scrap, she gets knowledge and recipes from her childhood!

Here is the beginning. Please let me know what you think!

There will be some reorginization as I add to it, and the instructions will grow as she does. I just know that some of MeMaw's recipes are gone forever and I want Mattie May to have as many things to pass along as she can.


Shellmo said...

what a great idea for that cookbook! My grandfather taught me to cook - I cherished those times w/ him as I'm sure Mattie will with you! :-)

Jan said...

Brandi, this is just awesome! Such a great idea, and your SB is nifty. Mattie May will have to treasure this someday - probably beginning now. You are amazing!

Trina said...

That is way cool. You are a wonderful grandmother!!