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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election is Finally Over

I have tried to keep quite on the election this year. I did stay up and watch the results for some unknown reason. I sure could have used the sleep instead.

Now that it is all over, we need to remember to continue to pray for our nation, a nation that gives us the freedom to pray to the God of our choosing. If you are like me and have trouble putting things in prayer, please read my friend Julie's blog today. She has a lovely prayer worded the way I wish I could.

God Bless


Julie said...

Thanks for the link, Brandi! I really do hope that people will be able to set aside any issues they have with the election and just be willing to pray for our country.

As my friend Amanda says, "God is good, ALL the time."

LindaSueBuhl said...

Amen to you both - Brandi and Julie - life goes on and prayer is never a LAST resort but the first place believers need to be. We didn't watch the results - couldn't stand the talking heads on TV one more minute! People who get paid to tell us what to think about events - HMMMM interesting job. If we take care of our business, the rest will fall into place.

Jan said...

Thanks for the link, Brandi. A wonderful prayer that I'm glad Julie was willing to share. I'm so glad that the election is over - I'm sick of the debates, my ever-ringing phone, signs, etc, etc. I think you know my late Dad would have written editorials and probably the front page article for the newspaper today. I've thought of him so many times and wondered what his opinions would have been. I can remember as a little child being "without Daddy" on election night - because he was down there monitoring results and writing articles. Sweet memories. Anyway, it's over!

Shellmo said...

I pray that our country will head in the right direction.

Madge Sinclair said...

Speaking of prayer, at my parish we are studying about the Christian mystics who spent many hours in deep prayer with God. They had such a close, intimate relationship with the Divine that it really is inspiring in my own spiritual walk with God.

One prayer that the Christian mystics always prayed was that God would take them and empty them of everything that was not Him so that He could fill them with His Holy Spirit. They wanted to become nothing so that they could be fully His. Now that is prayer!

It is my prayer that our country will come together regardless of who we are so that we can get our economy back on track and build a solid future for our children. I'm 76 years old and I just cannot believe the things I've seen in the last 8 years. If my parents had lived to see what we are going through, they would be mortified!